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Sock-It-To-Me September


Sock-it-to-me September

Here’s how it works:

Collect socks and underwear at your church, company, or organization throughout September

The group that donates the most socks wins the coveted Golden Sock Award

Help us collect 3,500 pairs of new socks! (Men’s preferred)

Why Socks? Why September?

As the seasons begin to change and the weather gets colder, the demand for socks increases dramatically. The #1 preventer of frostbite in the winter is a clean, dry pair of socks. For people who do most of their transportation by walking, having good foot health is critical.

How do I donate? 

Begin collecting socks! Get your friends, family, church members, co-workers, and anyone else you know to begin collecting socks! Place a box in your church, office, or community center. Then, bring them down to us at 23 E Adams any time Monday through Friday from 9-4 throughout September.

Contact Megh at mhollowell@noahprojectdetroit.org if you need to arrange a different drop-off time or if you have questions. Keep your eye on the scoreboard on this website and make sure your group is in the lead!

To download a flyer to distribute, click here.

Royal Oak First United Methodist Church 
for collecting 1,593 socks and winning the “2016 Golden Sock Award“.

NOAH has a total of: 7,978 pairs of socks to distribute to clients.

Thank you to over 20 organizations, families, churches, individuals and groups who donated socks for our annual sock drive. 

The NOAH Project on Facebook

Join us for Bowls of Hope on March 8th at 11:30am at the NOAH Project. We created a FB event, so let us know if you're coming!

Also, share this on your page or with some friends so we can spread the word!

Bowls of Hope

March 18, 2018, 11:30am - March 18, 2018, 12:30pm

Join us for our Annual Bowls of Hope Fundraiser, held at Central United Methodist Church. We'll have a selection of bowl painted by NOAH participants ($15) and recycled bowl ($10) for you to choose from. Then you will have the opportunity to fill those bowls with a variety of homemade and local restaurant soups & stews, with some delicious bread from Avalon Bakery. This event is a great opportunity for you to meet other supporters of NOAH as well as learn more about what services our agency offers for low-income and homeless individuals. All of your proceeds will go to help fund the various programs at NOAH Project. We hope that you will join us on March 18th at 12pm for some delicious soup!

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Want an excuse to get started with your spring cleaning a little early? We at the NOAH Project could use any extra ink pens & plastic bags that you might have laying around your house.

You can drop your gathered supplies at NOAH (23 E Adams Ave. Detroit, MI 48226) Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

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Happy Valentine's Day from your friends at NOAH! We had some volunteers come out to do a Valentine's Bingo with our clients. If you have any fun activities you'd like to do with us, sign up for bag lunch and email Grace Okerson at baglunch@noahprojectdetroit.org with any ideas you might have!

Sign up for bag lunch: noahprojectdetroit.org/programs/bag-lunch-program/

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