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Wish List

At NOAH there are some things that we always need: socks, underwear, hygiene items, lunches, etc. But occasionally there are some larger one-time items that are on our wishlist. Do you have one of these sitting around or would like to buy one for us? Contact NOAH staff at info@noahprojectdetroit.org if you are interested!


Street Outreach VehicleGoodwill-Car-Donation

NOAH’s Street Outread program allows us to reach out to individuals that are most vulnerable and help guide them through the complex process of regaining housing.

There’s just one problem: We Need a Car! In order for this program to continue to be successful, we need a reliable vehicle to transport clients. The process to gain housing includes regaining identifying documents, doctor’s visits, mental health appointments, and other steps, each requiring a trip to a different office.

Do you have a vehicle you’ve been thinking of getting rid of? Or do you work for a company that would be willing to sponsor one? We are not seeking anything extravagant, just a car that is reliable. A minivan would be ideal as it could hold multiple people, belongings, and supplies, but a sedan would also be greatly appreciated. Ideally, the vehicle would be model year 2010 or newer, so that it could be used reliably as the program grows.

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